In a few short days, many Americans will begin writing their New Year’s resolutions. Some will try to lose weight, others will try to exercise more, and many others will follow resolutions of their own. We at the National Public Pension Coalition have made our own resolution for 2018: continue the fight to protect pensions.

We saw many attacks on public pensions in 2017. From Michigan to Oklahoma, Kentucky to New Hampshire, anti-pension ideologues were vigorous in their pursuit of harmful changes to public pension plans. However, working families and their allies stood together and fought back against these attacks, winning some important victories along the way.

It appears that 2018 will feature just as many attacks on public pensions as 2017 did. Kentucky seems likely to consider the governor’s sweeping, harmful anti-pension proposal during its regular legislative session after Gov. Bevin failed to muster support to call a special legislative session in 2017. Republicans in Iowa are preparing to go after the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System, a strong and well-funded plan that provides retirement security to 1 in 10 Iowans.

In anticipation of these attacks, we at NPPC have strengthened our resolve to fight to protect pensions. With the nation facing a retirement security crisis, we stand with the teachers, firefighters, librarians, nurses, sanitation workers, and millions of other public employees who rely on their pension for a secure and dignified retirement. These hard-working public servants have earned their pensions and contributed to them over the course of their careers. They should not have their pensions cut by cowardly politicians doing the bidding of anti-pension ideologues like billionaire John Arnold.

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