This Thanksgiving, we here at the National Public Pension Coalition are thankful for public employees. We are thankful for their lifetimes of service and all they do to keep our communities running smoothly. Public employees are there for us on the worst days of our lives, and help facilitate some of the best.

Public employees take care of us, and we’re also thankful for those mechanisms that take care of them in return. Public pensions are one of the best ways our communities are able to say “thank you” to public employees. By providing them with the dignity of a secure retirement, we communicate just how grateful we are that they dedicated their lives to public service.

Firefighters, teachers, nurses, and other public employees are also grateful for their pensions. Pensions allow retirees to stay involved in their communities by volunteering, helping out family, and contributing to the local economy. We caught up with some retirees in Kentucky earlier this fall and asked them why they’re thankful for their pensions. Jo Ann had this to share: “I come from a family of teachers… I’ve seen firsthand what an adequate, fair pension system can do for a family. My family has found security by having a public pension.”

Watch her video below, and make sure to check out our other videos where retirees explain how vital their pensions have been to their retirements.


We hope you also have lots to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, and we wish you a happy holiday surrounded by family, friends, and good food.