This week, we’re highlighting a few op-eds that our coalitions helped publish in their local papers during this year’s legislative session. 

Public pensions boost Arizona’s local economies: This op-ed, written by Dora Vasquez, a former employee of the city of Casa Grande, highlights how important pensions are to Arizona’s state economy as well as local economies.

Time to give our public retirees a raise: Written by Glenn Brackett, President of the NH AFL-CIO,  this piece highlights the need for New Hampshire retirees to receive a cost of living adjustment, which would be their first in a decade. The bill mentioned passed the legislature and currently awaits Governor Sununu’s signature.

Texas’ retired teachers served our children. They deserve a pension that serves them: In this piece, Louis Malfaro of the Texas AFT argues that the dedication and time Texas teachers puts in means they deserve a secure retirement, and that strengthening TRS, the retirement system for teachers, is the way to go about it.