Thanksgiving is more than just a time for participating in all the usual festivities (eating turkey with all the trimmings, catching up with family, etc.). It’s also a time to reflect on what provides us with security and joy. 

This Thanksgiving, we’re sharing some of the reasons that public employees are thankful for their pensions. 

“I am thankful for my pension, trusting it will provide adequately so that I do not become a financial burden for my children or grandchildren.” -Judy 

“I love my pension because it provides the lifeline for me to survive during my senior years after providing public service for 46 years.” -Thomas 

“I feel a lot more secure knowing I have my pension when I retire.” -Tirado 

“I love my pension because it is the only income that I have. I’m grateful that I paid into it so that I could have an income when I got too old to teach.” -Cheri

Watch Suzan’s story to learn why she is grateful for her pension: 

Here at NPPC, we are thankful to all the public employees, active and retired, who dedicate their careers to public service. We look forward to continuing to advocate for their retirement security in the year to come.