During the COVID-19 pandemic, public employees across the nation have given back to their communities in extraordinary ways. From donating to food banks to helping their neighbors and protecting their communities, public employees have been on the front lines.  

Here are stories of public employees in service to their communities.

Glen Lake EMT’s adjust to emergencies during coronavirus by Linda Alice Dewey. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, EMTs are on the frontlines of taking care of sick patients. The first to arrive on the scene of an emergency, often EMTs put themselves in danger to administer care. In a piece for the Glen Arbor Sun in Michigan, Dewey tells her personal story of how EMT Aaron Brown helped her in March when she collapsed at her home due to low sugar levels. Brown, the first on the scene, administered care that day, and Dewey ended up reaching out to him a few weeks later about the precautions EMTs have taken to ensure both patients and themselves are protected, as well as to see how he is staying so positive. Brown stated, “My feeling is, I have the best job in the world. We help and take care of people when they need us. Whether [that need is] very big or very little, there’s big enjoyment from helping people every day.”

Plano police officer who beat COVID-19 donates plasma: ‘My opportunity to turn negative into something positive by JD Miles. Across the country, many first responders have fallen ill to COVID-19. With such a public-facing job, it’s often hard for them to practice social distancing, especially when responding to a crisis. In April, officer David Tilley was diagnosed with and recovered from COVID-19. As many other first responders, teachers, and other public employees have done before him, Tilley immediately donated his plasma that can be used to help others. 

ICYMI: First responders continue front line fight despite ‘constant worry’ about coronavirus by the staff of the Leader. In Jefferson County, Missouri, first responders are taking extra steps to protect themselves and provide the best quality care and protection to those in need. Mike Moorman, a paramedic with the Rock Township Ambulance District, has been putting his life on the line since the start of the pandemic. “You’re treating patients the way you always have, giving the best care possible – but the potential exposure is always there in the back of your mind,” Moorman said. The Leader reports that, in order to protect his family from possible exposure to the virus if he were to test positive, he’s taken extra steps to ensure their safety. “There’s an area in my basement that I set up before all this happened, getting it prepped and stocked. I’m lucky enough to have a basement entrance, and we sectioned off that area with tarps, got appliances in place. So, if I need to be quarantined, I can do it here, but I can’t imagine not being able to see my family, hold my baby, for 14 days,” he said. This is just one of the tremendous sacrifices first responders have made since the start of the pandemic. 

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