It’s December – the time of year when we reflect on our accomplishments while looking forward to the coming year. Below, the team here at NPPC shares what we were able to do to preserve retirement security for working men and women and our goals for 2022. 

Bridget Early, Executive Director: 

Whether it was virtual or in person, the opportunities I’ve had to meet with working men and women about their retirement continues to be a highlight. I appreciate the ability to be able to hear how they came to public service and why they stayed. Many share that both the promise of retirement security and a commitment to their communities kept them in their positions.  

Looking towards 2022, I want to continue the conversation on how important defined-benefit plans are for workers. Specifically, I’d love to increase the growing interest in retirement security amongst young workers. I believe that increased education will empower workers to understand their benefits and engage with policymakers on the importance of preserving their benefits. 

Andrew Collier, Regional Campaign Director:

In 2021, NPPC worked across the country to preserve and better defined-benefit pension plans for public employees. One of our campaigns was our Public Employees Are There For You campaign on social media. These visuals reminded the country that each and every day, firefighters, teachers, social workers, municipal workers, and other public employees served their communities – no matter the circumstance. This year we also continued our Public Employee Stories (PES) blog, which highlights articles about public employees doing great things in their communities. We started the PES blog at the beginning of the pandemic, and it reminds us that public employees work hard for their communities, in and outside of work every day.

My hope in 2022 is to continue the great work that we’ve done since our founding. Educating lawmakers, the general public, and membership about the importance of public pensions is our mission. I hope that in 2022 we can accomplish great things, as we did this year. 

Maggie Rogers, Digital Media Specialist:

The highlight of 2021  for me was our annual Love My Pension campaign. With this campaign, we ask members of our email list to tell us why they love their pensions, and then we share the answers on social media. Responses run the gamut from the practical to the sentimental, and every response is read by our entire team. This annual reminder of how crucial pensions are to the daily lives of so many Americans reinforces how important this work is.

My hope is that in 2022 there will be more opportunities for public employees to communicate with legislators. With the pandemic, traditional lobby days had to be reimagined, and many went virtual while some disappeared altogether. Public employees are the best advocates for their pensions, and it is my hope that in 2022 they are able to make their voices heard face-to-face.

Ariel McConnell, Digital Media Specialist:

Becoming a part of NPPC just before the close of the year has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments of 2021 for me. As a young professional, my goal is not only to work, but to do work that will make a difference in the world. NPPC has given me the opportunity to hopefully make a difference in the lives of working people now and in future generations to come— which is not an opportunity I take for granted. 

As we welcome the new year, my wish is that we continue to make a difference for public employees and help everyone that is willing to listen understand why defined-benefit plans are not only necessary, they are extremely important.