It’s the sweetest time of the year! Each year for Valentine’s Day, we ask public employees to tell us why they love their pensions. 

Valentine’s Day means more than candy hearts and roses to us. It means we get to share all the reasons public retirees still depend on their pensions to retire with security and dignity. 

We’ve compiled some of their responses below. 

“I love my pension because it represents the 39 years I worked to provide Kentucky citizens safe transportation on our roads and bridges.”
– Karen S. 

I love my pension because it allows me to volunteer in my community.”
– Laura L.

“Both my wife and I receive a monthly pension check from the Arizona State Retirement System. We were employed as educators and municipal employees.  Our pensions are guaranteed for life and when one of us passes the survivor will receive the proceeds from the deceased spouse’s pension! The funds are a blessing to receive as we plan our lives to do more and enjoy our retirement.”
– Daniel M.

“I love my pension because it performs better than any 401K program ever could.  It means security as we age.”
– Jean E.

“I love my pension because even though I am years away from retirement, I love being able to dream about what I will do, knowing that my benefit is guaranteed for my lifetime. It’s like dreaming about what you would do if you won the lottery, but better because it’s only a matter of time until it’s a reality.”
– Jessica T.

“I look forward to my pension as the completion of a promise.  My commitment to school children will be complemented by the pledge of my state to pay my pension.”
– Robin V.

“I changed professions after 20 years paying into SS.  I lost a portion because of my public service. I had 20 years as a teacher.  The pension is bigger, more fair, recognizes my contributions, and pays me accordingly.  I’m so proud I chose teaching and they appreciated me.”
– Janet S.

“I love my pension because it fulfills a promise made to me during my service in the public sector when I could have been working in the private sector at a much higher income. I love that my dedication and years of service in the public sector provide me with a livable wage during my declining years.”
Sandra A.

“I Love My Pension because all that hard work gets rewarded!”
– Mary M.

“After 35 years of love and sweat to teach Denver children, I am so grateful to have a pension I can count on for the rest of my natural life. Thanks PERA!!!!”
– Rick A.

“My pension is my livelihood. Without it we would be on the street! I have worked hard to earn it and appreciate it now in my retirement.”
– Reeda B.

“I am so grateful for my pension! I worked many years and my pension is my reward. It was not free. I earned every penny and I pray it will be protected.”
– Anna M.


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