We at NPPC believe a secure, dignified retirement is essential for all.  This National Retirement Security Month, NPPC– along with our partners and allies, have been working hard to raise awareness about what Americans need to guarantee each worker a secure retirement. Today, we are sharing information and resources to not only help raise awareness but also help others protect their right to a secure retirement. 

We believe that equipping others with the facts is a great way to help raise awareness about why pensions are critical to retirement security and help protect rights to a secure retirement. NPPC has multiple resources, including Pension FAQs and our blog, Defined Benefit. Below we have highlighted specific information and resources we think could be helpful this month. 

Five of our most impactful blogs worth reading this month

  1. How States are Addressing Recruitment & Retention of Public Employees with Pensions
  2. Three Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Save for Retirement
  3. Pensions Could Help Grow the Shrinking Teacher Pipeline
  4. Retirement is Expensive
  5. Understanding Unfunded Liability

Four resources to help educate & advocate

Helpful resources from our pension partners

  • National Institute on Retirement Security’s (NIRS) Pension Resouce Guide– Provides factual information and data on pensions’ vital role in our economy.
  • NIRS’ Research – The National Institute on Retirement Security has published multiple reports on pension plans and their impact on retirement security. 
  • NCPERS’ “Unintended Consequences” Report – The National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) issued this updated report in 2020. It examines how changes to public pension plans impact state and local tax revenues. The report found that public pension plans generate tax revenue for state and local governments in the overwhelming majority of states. 

Every American deserves to retire with dignity. We are dedicated to protecting the hard-earned pensions for the public employees who make our everyday lives possible. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter today to join us in the fight for a secure retirement!