Public Service Recognition Week—observed the first week of May– is an opportunity to honor the hard work and dedication of the people who serve our country in various roles in the public sector. We celebrate the contributions of our civil servants who work tirelessly to improve our communities.

Every day, public sector workers go above and beyond to ensure that our nation runs smoothly–all while bringing in less income than their private sector counterparts. They work tirelessly to maintain our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, ensuring we can travel safely and efficiently. They keep us safe when we find ourselves in harm’s way, and provide emergency services during natural disasters. And they work to support our public schools and universities to ensure that children have the  preparation they need to succeed in life.

While state & local employees deserve to be recognized every day, Public Service Recognition Week is an opportunity to recognize these individuals’ contributions and thank them for their service. It’s a chance to show special appreciation for workers who go above and beyond for us every day. 

This Public Service Recognition Week, we at NPPC encourage you to share your appreciation for the many state and local workers  serving ourn communities. You can start by simply thanking the public servants you encounter in your daily life or by sharing this video with a public servant you know! However, the biggest way to thank public employees is by joining the fight to protect public employee pensions so they have a secure retirement to look forward to at the end of their service.