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December 29, 2015

What a Pension Means to Me

Today’s post comes to us from Grant Wood, the coordinator of the Arizona Retirement Security Coalition. It was originally published in the Arizona Capitol Times: At 23 years old, only 18 months out of college, and with a hefty pile …

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December 18, 2015

Pensions Are Still Better Than 401(k)’s

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know that defined benefit pensions are superior to defined contribution 401(k)’s. Defined benefit plans pool risk collectively, optimize investment decisions, and are professionally managed with low fees. Pensions also …

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December 14, 2015

Spotlight on: Guam

When you think about public pensions, do you think about Guam? If the answer is no… well, I’m assuming everyone’s answer was no, so you’re not alone. The U.S. Territory of Guam does have something valuable to say about public …

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