Teachers. Firefighters. Police officers.

Behind every pension is a public servant who has dedicated their career to keeping our communities safe and prosperous.

Popular rhetoric around public pensions often distracts from the true issue at hand; these aren’t numbers, these are real people whose livelihoods depend on receiving the secure and dignified retirement they were promised.

Let’s get to know some of the people behind the issue.

Meet JoeAnne Peterson:

My pension means that I have independence; I don’t have to rely on my family or friends to be able to do the things that I can do. Because I have a pension, I have security so that I can be involved in the world…When you don’t have a pension, people my age are reduced to survival.

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In the fight to protect pensions, working people make the greatest impact. Sharing your story reminds legislators why retirement security must be protected for all.

Are you a public servant with a pension? Share your story today and help us fight to protect the retirement you were promised.