The Democratic Party begins its convention today in Philadelphia. The Democrats will nominate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be their presidential nominee and Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate. The party will also approve the party platform for the upcoming general election. Why does this matter? Because the Democratic Party platform contains a clear call to protect pensions.

Last week in Cleveland, the Republican Party also approved its party platform. The Republican Party platform was largely silent on the critical issue of retirement security, aside from disparaging remarks about the benefits of federal government employees and calls to make radical changes to Social Security.

The Democratic Party platform could not be more different. The Democratic Party not only calls for protecting Social Security, the most successful governmental program in history, but also for expanding it. The party platform also explicitly advocates for protecting pensions :

“Democrats  believe  it should  be easier  for Americans  to save for  retirement  and prepare for unforeseen  risks  and  expenses.  We will  defend  the  right  of workers  to collect  their  defined benefit  pensions  and  make sure  workers get  priority  and protection  when  pension  plans are in distress. Democrats  will  also  fight  to enact  legislation  to make sure  that  the  earned pension benefits  of Americans  will  not  be cut…”

By recognizing that every American deserves to retire with dignity and respect, the Democratic Party has acknowledged the crucial need to protect retirement security for working families.

Back in June, NPPC submitted testimony to the Democratic National Committee urging them to include protecting retirement security in the party’s platform (you can read our testimony here). We are heartened to see that they listened to the voices of teachers, firefighters, nurses, librarians, and other public employees from across the nation. Retirement security is an issue that often goes unaddressed in the presidential campaign and we are glad to see that one party, at least, is willing to put the issue front and center.