Public employees across the nation give back to their communities in extraordinary ways every single day. From donating to food banks to helping neighbors and protecting their communities, public employees have always been there when their community needs them the most. 

Here is a story of a public employee in service to their community.

“I felt super proud”: Fifth graders reveal legacy project by Jenna Barackman. Starting in 2015, Eudora Elementary art teacher Kania Shain began a legacy project so each fifth-grade class could leave their mark on their school. Working with Eudora High School woodworking teacher Jotham Andrews, high schoolers made a bench out of old church pews in their woodworking class. Shain then worked with her fifth-grade students to design and paint the bench. “I wanted to create something lasting, that represented each class and leaves their mark on the school,” Shain said. “But it’s also for the teachers, so we can walk by their projects and remember each particular class.” This year’s bench is positioned by the front desk office for all students to see as they walk by. The message: “fifth grade, fifth grade, we are the best!” and “be our guest.” Shain continued, “A lot of the younger kids are already asking me what project they’ll do when they’re in fifth grade. Each reveal builds just so much excitement, not only for my fifth graders but for all the lower levels as well.”

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