March 7, 2012

Legislature overreaches, public pays the bill

Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature are at it again, embracing legislation that ignores constitutional limits on their authority, forcing costly taxpayer-financed litigation and resorting to name-calling and threats to the judiciary when the courts rule against them.

March 6, 2012

AFSCME Hits The Airwaves

As some 2,000 AFSCME members descend on the Capitol today to lobbying against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed pension reform plan, the union is releasing a new statewide ad campaign that accuses the governor of trying to reduce public employees pension benefits by 40 percent.

February 24, 2012

PENSION: (National) Guest Viewpoint: 401(k)s a dangerous move for N.Y. pensions

Binghamton’s pension costs have increased significantly in the last decade, so you might expect me to support the 401(k)-style retirement plan now on the table in Albany. But I don’t. – See more at: